Rozenstraat Gallery, Amsterdam, (Rozenstraat 59, 1016 NN), will be hosting “World-Building is a Collective Enterprise” at the first iteration of an ongoing collaboration on January 29.

The project will temporarily take the form of an expanded installation, and space to spend conversational time in considering amateurship as a position for building solidarity. You are welcome to sit with the work, and, if you wish, to share in conversation about world- and community-building, the process of filming, and the work itself.

The installation consists of looped multi-channel projected video, with no screening schedule. Speech is mainly in Brazilian Portuguese with English subtitles.


With Ina Hagen I will be at the IASPIS residency in Stockholm, SE from November 2019 to January 2020. Come by for a chat!



I will be in Gothenburg, SE, at the Valand Academie participating in the first of an ongoing series of research network seminars titled ‘Art in Perpetually restructuring cities’ considering means of artistic survival and agency within and against the Neo-liberalisation of cities.


Household are hosting a screening of Dispatches from Futureland, accompanied by a selection of archival films from the NI Screen archives curated by Sinead Breathnach-Cashell, at the Mission to Seafarers, Belfast. 

From 1500-1700pm August 11th, 2019. 

Princes Dock St, Belfast BT1 3AA Entry Free.


Cristina Ribas will be talking at the Mayday Rooms, London, UK, about the film work and theatrical workshops that form ‘to walk around, to walk afar‘. Cristina will be talking about the anti-gentrification movements in Rio generally, and the specific struggle of the Vila Autodromo community, against eviction during the Olympic Games developments. Go, it will be a great event!



I will be back in Belfast, in collaboration with Household on the second of three residency periods, working with communities connected to Sailortown towards an exhibition film project.

more details at the production of daily life

made possible by the generous support of the CBK, Rotterdam, the Mondriaan Fonds, and the Paul Hamyln Foundation



With Ina Hagen and the Index Teen Advisory Board (ITAB), I will be leading a performative walk around Stockholm, more details here: Index Summer Festival:  space is limited, so please contact ahead of time for details.

performances will be Saturday June 15 at 1600 and Sunday June 16 at 1400, leaving from T-Centralen. 


This will be the culmination of our engagement with the ITAB since February 2019



This City Will Eat You Alive

embedded long term film research, 

with Household CIC and

mixed communities of place.

Belfast, UK 2018-2020

world building is a collective enterprise


with amateur K-Pop dance communities.

Made while on residency at Capacete, Rio de Janeiro. 

Rio de janeiro, Brasil 2018-2019


 to all the gods,               honey, to the mistress

of the labyrinth,                 honey in equal amounts

performative city tour and collaborative process,

with Ina Hagen, Index Foundation, and the Index Teen Advisory Board

Stockholm, Sweden, 2019, 

to walk around, to walk afar 

three part film installation, 

in collaboration with the Vila Autodromo Community,

Cristina Ribas, and Lucas S Icó,

Rio de Janeiro Brasil, 2019

cartography and care, the multiple village

audio tour, workshops, and hand painted fabric,

with Phlox, Peer Paper Publishing Platform, and the people of Huns,

Huns, Netherlands, 2018

flicker like flames, sketches towards a speculative film

Moving Image, constructed through video and sci-fi workshops

Rotterdam and Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2017

dispatches from futureland

Moving Image, 

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2015

the world is already without us


with text commissioned from Alberto Toscano

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2015

death comes home to farm


Lincolnshire UK and Rotterdam,

The Netherlands, 2014

the earth is not at rest
episodic video 2013

in collaboration with Frances Scott, 

The Woodmill, and Southwark Park Galleries.

London UK 2013

sol archer 2020