black sun

Video Produced for the Sydney Biennial 2014

Opening with a shamanic chant recorded as a witness statement 20 years after the Tunguska event, a meteorite strike in Siberia, Black Sun follows a personified High Speed Stock trading algorithm, voiced by a Scottish accented voice synthesiser, travelling after its colleague, a data aggregator bot. In a story loosely based on Heart of Darkness. The narrative details physical effects the infrastructure of HFT is having on the natural world, and lenses the incommensurability of global finance with the human scale through natural history influenced visuals. To repeated refrains from Black Sabbaths “Lord of this World” the narrator takes in Starling and Shark Migrations, rapidly obsolescing technologies, intertextual links to alchemical treatise, Pythagoras via Tristram Shandy, and ethnography. A looping pace to the visual and aural environments draws on trance states and rhythmically rebuffs attempts at cognition.

installation at Sydney biennial

sol archer 2019