cartography and care, the multiple village

remember there is a land that is part of me where I do not live/ I must return there is a mystery I must engage in// who do I scare where who do I deprive of night/ I make another world with light and proudly present my peep-show
Tsead Bruinja, Batterij

Hand-painted muslin, audio.

In May 2018 I participated with PEER publishing platform in a collective micro-residency at the PHLOX space in Huns, Frielsand.

This resulted in an exhibition curated by PEER in September 2018, for which we developed workshops with children of the village, recording the superpositioned stories and spaces of their lives in the village. Collectively they mapped the village, in doing so painting curtains for the Phlox space, and recording an audio tour / podcast to lead visitors around the village.

Podcast available here (Dutch only)

workshop, installation, and tour photos by Kala Newman. Village portraits, Sol Archer

sol archer 2019