death comes home to farm

Death Comes Home to Farm 2014 Video installation

In March 1962, just after lunchtime an experimental nuclear bomber, the Handley Page Victor, crash landed into a farmhouse in Lincolnshire. rough conversations with a woman who was in the house at the time, her farm foreman who rescued both her and her husband, and a former pilot of the Victor bomber, Death Comes Home to Farm utilises documentary forms to explore embodied memory, the generative capacity of trauma, shared experience, the military and agricultural technologisation of the landscape and the creation of space in the air, the oppositions between post war EU civilian collaboration and military isolation, and the scalar intersections of the Global and the Local.

In a two part installation the video constructs the story of this event as recounted by two witnesses and gradually expands the videos view. Moving into their personal experience of creating farmland as part of the early stages of Europe wide collaboration in EU Agricultural policy, the shifts between operating as soldiers, or having labor provided by prisoners of war and being a civilian and the tonal qualities of witnessing, location, technological change and recounting ones own story.

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