to all the gods,      honey, to the mistress
of the labyrinth,   honey in equal amounts

In collaboration with  Ina Hagen  the Index Teen Advisory Board (ITAB)Index Foundation, and Index curator and producer Emmeli Person, To all the Gods… was a performative city walk, which staged actions, interventions, and observations generated through a discursive five month engagement with the Index Teen Advisory Board a year long, paid, educational and institutional advisory project run by Index, through which eight 15-20 year olds provide feedback and critique on the curatorial program.


Between February and June Hagen and Archer instigated a number of exercises and conversations with the group, ultimately inviting propositions and interventions from the ITAB members to observe and temporarily re-code behaviour in public spaces in the city.

These propositions engage with particular interests of each member, and variously engage with monumental sculpture, histories of Swedish labour movements, the immigrant experience and nationalism, normalised behaviour, differential development of civic infrastructure by class and race community profile, and cinematic codings of space.


Taking inspiration from historical and mythological images of Labyrinths, non-linear narratives through Borges Garden of Forking Paths, and the Bloco, a Brasilian carnival form which moves through public space without fixed route or leadership, skirting the grey areas between permitted public assembly and spontaneous happening. To all the Gods… was an assemblage of these propositions into a non-linear, performative walk through the city.

Led by a map which wove links to digital content into the movement through physical space, audience-participants were guided in re-staging the ITAB propositions, in each case led by a short film made by the respective ITAB member, and gifted a limited edition of objects made in collaboration with the group.

The tour took in multiple superimposed historical, aesthetic and symbolic layers in the city, gesturing toward monumental aesthetics and the perpetuation of pre-historic imagery in the political currency of the present, and culminated in an open discussion over honeyed tea in the Index garden.

ITAB 2019 were Daniel Murisima, Ida Ippolito, Hannes Schelin, Mika Sundell, Isabella Gillborg, Maria Muhoza, and Niko Erfani.


Made possible by the generous support of the CBK Rotterdam reisfundsOCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway International Support, and Nordic Culture Point Mobility Funding.

sol archer 2019